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Rapid technological change; global challenges such as climate change, overpopulation and mass human movement; increasing pollution and a global economic playing field – these are the boundaries that will set the playing field in which Australian workers of the future must operate.

We know that we need more STEM-skilled graduates to jump on these issues as they arise (science, technology, engineering and maths). What we also need are graduates with the ability to move quickly into new areas as they arise; work closely with industry on their research and innovation needs to rapidly bring research into new playing fields; and take the STEM skills they have learned into their own businesses, organisations and government as they become the generation leading Australia into a competitive future.

The Careers series has this adaptability as its core narrative. It’s about science and engineering plus ‘your passion’ – taking the skills from STEM degrees into the workplace of the future to solve major world challenges.

With engaging feature stories and profiles, stunning graphics, dynamic presentations of data on job outcomes and salaries, and comprehensive lists of tertiary courses in CS, the Careers with STEM guides are every student’s ultimate reference point for all things STEM.

Universities, training organisations and corporations have the opportunity to showcase their courses and career options to these ambitious and creative individuals by securing a sponsorship package in the 2017 Code, Science, Engineering, Maths and Health careers guides.

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