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Digital technologies and disruption means careers are changing faster than ever.

Careers with STEM teacher resources provide Australian Curriculum-linked content with a focus on science, TAS, maker spaces, maths, cross-disciplinary skills. The Careers with STEM series looks at pathways that combine Computer Science, Maths, Science, Health and Engineering skills with students’ passion, world-changing goal or another field. We call it STEM plus X.

The STEM career guides give students ideas, inspiration, pathways, quizzes, knowhow and confidence to take on the challenge of getting to where their learning leads them.

Keep your STEM classroom up to date with the Careers with STEM set – magazines are mailed FREE to all Australian and New Zealand schools (note Careers with Code only for NZ). Ask your principal or library for your copies, or you can order copies at cost price.

Teacher notes

The Careers with STEM teacher resources are for teachers, careers counselors, parents, STEM-based institutions, or mentors that could use the guides to expose and inspire students towards STEM careers. Careers with STEM teacher resources are ideally suited to the Year 8–10 high school classroom.

Download the Careers with Maths teacher notes here.

Download the Careers with Science & Health teacher notes here.

What people are saying

“I am very excited about Careers with Code being launched in New Zealand. This is an excellent resource for students and teachers.”

Julie McMahon, New Zealand Association for Computing, Digital and Information Technology Teachers President

“My favourite thing is that this magazine is tailored for younger people interested in this area and it provides relevant information on opportunities and the success of other people.”

Emelia Coe, Year 10 student

“I can use this in my groups, and ALL of our teachers can use it in our classroom advisories. There are so many fun activities and articles that we can use this one magazine this all year long! I’m really impressed! If you can spare several extra copies, I’d love to share them with other school counselors and the tech teachers in my district.”

Angela Cleveland, School Counselor, Google Certified Educator

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