Anastasia Miros

New Product Introduction Engineer

At school, Anastasia wanted to become a vet, but her Year 12 work experience changed her mind. She found working on a farm physically demanding and a career as a vet didn’t really appeal to her.

So at the last minute she opted to do the Bachelors of Science/Laws at The University of Queensland.

In her first year she did physics, which meant she hung out with first-year engineers. They inspired her to switch to a Bachelor of Engineering.

Anastasia realised she wasn’t on the right path in mechanical engineering, then discovered biomedical engineering.

She also discovered Cochlear, maker of the famous hearing implant. In the second-last year of her course, Anastasia won a summer internship at Cochlear, which was her ticket to a coveted graduate placement at the end of her course.

A year later, Anastasia is thrilled to be collaborating on real-world problems for the company. “I’m always working on something different,” she enthuses.

– Rebecca Blackburn

Anastasia’s path to becoming a new product introduction engineer

>> Bachelors of Science/Laws, The University of Queensland

>> Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electrical / Biomedical, UQ

>> New Product Introduction Engineer, Cochlear

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New Product Introduction Engineer

“I’m always working on something different.”

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