Commercial analyst

Cathleen Phimdert

My parents always encouraged me to follow my growing passion for science, for example by taking me to museums, science festivals and to get my first aid certificate!

This led me to study medical science and business at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), where one of the coolest projects I was involved in was performing a science show to the public during my final year.

Creating engaging material that was easy to understand was surprisingly challenging, but rewarding!

After graduating I was lucky to be selected for the Woolworths Finance graduate program as a commercial analyst, where I now use my skills in analytics to help improve efficiency in processes and operations.

One mistake I made was not applying for internships and job opportunities at uni. Networking is really valuable, so use your passion as motivation to get as much experience within your chosen field as possible.

People working in science and health can create amazing innovation and technological advancement, so it’s important to never stop learning!

Cathleens’s path to becoming a commercial analyst

>> Started a Bachelor of Medical Science/Business, UTS

>> Student promotional reprasentative, UTS Science

>> Finance graduate, Woolworths

Commercial analyst

“Networking is really valuable, so use your passion as motivation.”

Bachelor of Medical and Science Business
University of Technology Sydney

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