Bright idea Talia Elchah, Campaign manager From medicine to energy, Talia Elchah's career has been a blast.
Just do it James Fan, Marketing graduate A passion for marketing and love of analytics is the perfect combo in business.
Footy fanatic Daniel Pelchen, Sports analyst Sports analyst Daniel Pelchen found his ultimate career using maths to discover who will become the next biggest football star.
Risk taker Andrea Olrich, Graduate software developer Andrea Olrich recommends embracing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
Level up Shaun Mhonde, Web developer Shaun is motivated to serve the community and make an impact on the world.
Skin saver Parisa Sowti, Cancer researcher Parisa Sowti makes portable paper sunburn sensors to prevent skin cancer in Australia.
Passion Action Cathleen Phimdert, Commercial analyst Cathleen Phimdert has always had a passion for science, and has blossomed into an operations and systems whiz.
Blazing a Trail Karlie Noon, Research Assistant Karlie switched from arts to science and has never looked back.
Tracking Crime Shaun Bettridge, Manager of forensic technology Shaun Bettridge is using his law and tech skills to fight cybercrime at KPMG.
Take the challenge Aadeeba Mou, Cyber Security Consultant Aadeeba taught herself everything she knows about security, and she's now working in her dream job at PwC.
Indigenous mentor Sharni Cox, Geology student Sharni Cox won an Indigenous STEM Student Award after getting involved in science and engineering camps and competitions.
Young leader Greta Stephensen, High school student Greta Stephensen won an Indigenous STEM Student Award in recognition of her passion for engineering.
Cyborg dreaming Ermias Zerazion, Payment solutions developer Ermias moved from TAFE to uni, became a freelance developer and then landed a job among software professionals.
Fashion fanatic Zoe Ghani, Director of product Zoe Ghani found her dream job at the intersection between tech and fashion.
Team builder Mia Alexiou, Director, Subsymbolic Software Mia Alexiou studied cognitive and computer science before launching her own consultancy.
Breaking the bank Norman Yue, Senior manager in application security Norman Yue keeps the bad guys out of your bank account.
Money on hand Fransiscus Setiawan, Software engineer Fransiscus Setiawan helps customers do their banking on the go by making the most of wearable technology.
High achiever Toni James, Graduate software engineer Toni James spent 15 years in the snowboard industry before changing careers and skilling up in computer science.
Big insights Lucy McDonald, Insights analyst Lucy McDonald uses her skills in analytics to help people solve business problems.
World wanderer Tara McIntosh, Google researcher Tara McIntosh took her PhD in computer science on to a research career in Melbourne and Seattle, and then to Google!
Think bank Livia Lam, Innovation solutions manager Livia Lam brings people together to create smart ideas.
Map your path Sara Schaare, Software engineer Sara Schaare uses software engineering at Google Maps to help you find your way around.
Coding for good Michael Ascharsobi, Program manager Michael uses computer science to re-imagine the way we work and help people in need.
Driving change Liz Broderick, Business and social change innovator Liz Broderick hopes her story will help you discover your own passion.
Adventurous spirit Willem Huiskamp, Oceanographer Willem Huiskamp has atmospheric ambition.
On cloud nine Nathalia Tan, Cloud computing technologist Nathalia Tan's unique skill set helped her find the perfect job.
Cool as ice Rhea Barnett, Space physicist Studying physics took Rhea Barnett on an unexpected adventure.
Tracking dust James Hooper, Climate change scientist James Hooper has a passion for adventure and discovery.
Exploring climate Monika Markowska, Palaeo-environmental scientist Monika Markowska explores caves to uncover clues about climate.
Virtual virtuoso Rosemary Menzies, Virtual virtuoso "To be able to manipulate technology is all the inspiration and motivation I need."
On the move Amy Gunnell, Mechatronics engineer QUT graduate Amy Gunnell is up for any challenge.
Mapping success David Mah and Nigel Ang, Engineering entrepreneurs Science and engineering helped this team create two successful tech companies.
Make It Yours Thomas Larkin, Systems Engineer Engineering at ANU offers a fresh perspective on the field.
3D-Printer Engineer Trina Majumdar, Biomedical Engineer Trina Majumdar is engineering a better way for bones to heal.
Twisted logic Carina Pirozzi, Chemical engineer Take a mixture of logic and science and add a creative twist.
Power On Alice Beckett, Telecommunications engineer "Engineering isn't as much of a 'boy's club' as it seems."
Lighting Up Monique Alfris, Solar energy engineer "Engineering is a rewarding career choice, where you can help solve the world’s greatest challenges.”
Bella Tipping Bella Tipping, Entrepreneur and app developer "I want to change the way kids travel."
Industry player Bronwen Zande, Director Soul Solutions "You can work in any industry around the world, which is something you don’t really get with other jobs."
Software ninja Michael Quandt, Software developer “The more you learn, the easier it is to find ways to solve problems.”
Cyborg Sight Zahra Bagheri, Postgraduate student "Explore the things around you and see how the world works."
Shout out Wayne Denning, Founder and managing director Carbon Media “If you believe in something, it’s worth pursuing.”
Creativity in coding Anna Emmerson, Site reliability engineer "I found that coding was a way of thinking that I was familiar with and good at – and most of all that I enjoyed."
On a mission Maia Sauren, Business analyst “I wanted a job where I was having fascinating conversations with really interesting people.”
Leading the tune Grace Chung, Software engineer “We shouldn’t pigeonhole computer programmers into stereotypes.”
Virtual world James Bonner, Software entrepreneur “Our company takes video game technology and applies it in other domains, like health and education.”
Career catapult Glen Charlton, Technical support engineer "I get to work on top athlete monitoring systems AND help some of the world’s biggest sporting clubs."
Dream big Chris Timbery, Student “I saved the company money by writing the script, and it’s still being used.”
Open world Adam Brimo, Business owner “Make sure you do something you’re passionate about.”
Beautiful garbage Peter Marshall, Honours student “It’s about optimising programs for speed and memory efficiency.”
Passion unlocked Chantel Garcia, Software development engineer “Seize every opportunity – you never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn.”
Add it up Kerrie Mengersen, Statistician “It’s wonderful solving challenges using stats and computer science.”
Sky’s the limit Kat Clark, Creative technologist and web developer “If you did something six months ago, there’s probably a better solution by now.”
Driving tech Peter Morton, Software engineer "Say ‘yes’ to every opportunity, and always be on the lookout for new challenges."
Bright Idea Harry Lucas, Student and co-founder Seer Insights “Take the time to explore new interests and build your character.”
Going places Lily Xia, Software Engineer "What gets me up each day is the chance to create something out of nothing."
Scoot to success James McGill, Computer engineer “If you love what you do, it’s much easier to be successful.”
Globetrotter Elwyn Campbell, Programmer “I always enjoyed making things and understanding why they worked”
The need to succeed Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar, Tech entrepreneurs “Technology is the underlying driver for almost all change in business nowadays.”
Taking a risk Judith Gammie, Master of Computer Science student “I came to the realisation that tech was where my real passion is.”
Grinding out success Adam Theobald, Tech entrepreneur "Win-wins are hard to find, but this is one of them."
Saving lives with CS Carolyn McGregor, Data analyst "It can be very much a people oriented job"
Something for everyone Alice Boxhall, Software engineer "I know programmers who wear dresses and high heels to work every day."
Best foot forward Belinda Teh, Software engineer "I work a lot with graphics, scripting and 3D rendering."
Listen Up Ed Hooper, Software entrepreneur "Everything is becoming more and more about software."
Streat-wise Christine Soriano, Googler “I love finding and creating ways of using technology to help us live our lives.”