Blazing a Trail Karlie Noon, Research Assistant Karlie switched from arts to science and has never looked back.
Passion Action Cathleen Phimdert, Commercial analyst Cathleen Phimdert has always had a passion for science, and has blossomed into an operations and systems whiz.
Indigenous mentor Sharni Cox, Geology student Sharni Cox won an Indigenous STEM Student Award after getting involved in science and engineering camps and competitions.
Adventurous spirit Willem Huiskamp, Oceanographer Willem Huiskamp has atmospheric ambition.
Cool as ice Rhea Barnett, Space physicist Studying physics took Rhea Barnett on an unexpected adventure.
Tracking dust James Hooper, Climate change scientist James Hooper has a passion for adventure and discovery.
Exploring climate Monika Markowska, Palaeo-environmental scientist Monika Markowska explores caves to uncover clues about climate.