Indigenous mentor Sharni Cox, Geology student Sharni Cox won an Indigenous STEM Student Award after getting involved in science and engineering camps and competitions.
Young leader Greta Stephensen, High school student Greta Stephensen won an Indigenous STEM Student Award in recognition of her passion for engineering.
Money on hand Fransiscus Setiawan, Software engineer Fransiscus Setiawan helps customers do their banking on the go by making the most of wearable technology.
On the move Amy Gunnell, Mechatronics engineer QUT graduate Amy Gunnell is up for any challenge.
Mapping success David Mah and Nigel Ang, Engineering entrepreneurs Science and engineering helped this team create two successful tech companies.
Make It Yours Thomas Larkin, Systems Engineer Engineering at ANU offers a fresh perspective on the field.
3D-Printer Engineer Trina Majumdar, Biomedical Engineer Trina Majumdar is engineering a better way for bones to heal.
Twisted logic Carina Pirozzi, Chemical engineer Take a mixture of logic and science and add a creative twist.
Power On Alice Beckett, Telecommunications engineer "Engineering isn't as much of a 'boy's club' as it seems."
Lighting Up Monique Alfris, Solar energy engineer "Engineering is a rewarding career choice, where you can help solve the world’s greatest challenges.”
Career catapult Glen Charlton, Technical support engineer "I get to work on top athlete monitoring systems AND help some of the world’s biggest sporting clubs."
Open world Adam Brimo, Business owner “Make sure you do something you’re passionate about.”