Twin paths Adam and John Taranto, Graduate software engineer Identical twins and engineering grads Adam and John Taranto work in the Commonwealth Bank’s graduate program
Preventing cyber attacks Oindrila Das, Technical Graduate An engineering degree unlocked a career in cybersecurity for Telstra technical graduate Oindrila Das
Try before you buy Sonya Corcoran, Digital Innovation Manager Frustrated with education technology, Sonya Corcoran learnt to code and built her own webapps.
Risk taker Andrea Olrich, Graduate software developer Andrea Olrich recommends embracing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
Level up Shaun Mhonde, Web developer Shaun is motivated to serve the community and make an impact on the world.
Tracking Crime Shaun Bettridge, Manager of forensic technology Shaun Bettridge is using his law and tech skills to fight cybercrime at KPMG.
Take the challenge Aadeeba Mou, Cyber Security Consultant Aadeeba taught herself everything she knows about security, and she's now working in her dream job at PwC.
Cyborg dreaming Ermias Zerazion, Payment solutions developer Ermias moved from TAFE to uni, became a freelance developer and then landed a job among software professionals.
Fashion fanatic Zoe Ghani, Director of product Zoe Ghani found her dream job at the intersection between tech and fashion.
Team builder Mia Alexiou, Director, Subsymbolic Software Mia Alexiou studied cognitive and computer science before launching her own consultancy.
Breaking the bank Norman Yue, Senior manager in application security Norman Yue keeps the bad guys out of your bank account.
High achiever Toni James, Graduate software engineer Toni James spent 15 years in the snowboard industry before changing careers and skilling up in computer science.