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Drone building

Make it and break it

Dylan Sanusi-Goh didn’t let the fact he was still in high school stop him from building his very own working drone.

Nuclear science

Atomic theory

Open minds and a thirst for knowledge helped two engineers make a huge contribution to nuclear science.

space science

Teenagers take over

School students are taking over the International Space Station to do a new kind of space science.

Defence engineering

Rocket league

Aerospace and defence create exciting opportunities in data analytics, robotics, virtual reality, and nanotechnology.

sexist coding

Sexist coding and how to fight it

Say goodbye to sexist bosses and hello to the newest threat to gender equality – sexist coding. Year 10 student Stella Wailes has the scoop.

Biomedical Engineering

Surgeons armed with tech

From robotic surgery to artificial kidneys, biomedical engineers are transforming health

Sports engineers

Ahead of the game

Sports engineers work behind the scenes developing technology that can power up athletes' performance or reduce the risk of injury

New tech transforming careers

New tech transforming careers

From drones to self-driving cars, what does the future hold for engineers?

Master of Engineering (Biomedical)

Healthy dose of competition

Challenged to conceive an innovative medical device, Sarah Fink and her team are on the cusp of making their dream a cashed-up reality.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Wheelie lucky break

A chance encounter with a brainwave-driven wheelchair changed Nisha Pradhan’s life.

STEM Education
teacher case study

Teacher case study: Mathspace Essentials

Find out what makes online learning tool Mathspace Essentials so useful for teaching maths.

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From ocean to operating table

Three minutes with innovators from IMPACT7.