Coding resources

Your code journey begins here…

There are so many ways to get into CS. Here are just some ideas to inspire you.

Get started with code

Google Start with Code

Teacher PD, learn online, access the lending library

CSER Digital Technologies Education

Unpack the Digital Technologies Curriculum

Digital Technologies Hub

Find a STEM opportunity near you

Star Portal

Do workshops, after-school programs and summer camps

Code and build a robot and compete in an amazing global challenge


FIRST Robotics

Code Camp

Ages 5-13, National

Enter a global online science and engineering competition

Google Science Fair

Ages 13-18, worldwide

Get a one-hour introduction to computer science

Hour of Code

Age 6+, worldwide

Take on other students around the world in a coding challenge

Google Code Jam

Age 13+, worldwide

Test yourself against other students around the world

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup

Age 16+, worldwide

Spend 20 hours learning to code

Code Studio

Ages 4-18, worldwide

Try games for tomorrow’s programmers


All ages

Create art, music, games and more as you learn to program

Pencil Code

All ages

Access tech courses on Python, 3D printing, Minecraft and more

Grok Learning

Ages 8-14

Tech Rocket

Ages 10-18

Make a website, learn SQL and more in eight different programming languages

Code Academy

All ages

Jump into a degree

University and TAFE courses in STEM and CS

Find free resources to get you started on your coding journey


All ages

CS First

Watch YouTube videos on essential coding concepts


All ages

Learn to create animations, games and stories from Scratch


Ages 8-16

Use your imagination making animated movies and simple video games



Build your own game or program with just a few lines of code

Small Basic

Ages 10-16

Take your pick of free tech topics – cryptography, algorithms, information theory…

Khan Academy

All ages

See what cybersecurity’s all about and take a look at study options…

Cyber Degree Hub

All ages

Find role models

Grace Hopper Celebration

Careers with STEM 50 Women in STEM

50 Women in STEM

Find mentors in other technical women

Anita Borg Institute

Local events

The Systers community

Learn to code with Microsoft

DigiGirlz High Tech Camp

Girls, age 13+, locations around the US

Host a coding party at your house or school

Made with Code

Female high school students, nationwide

Become a coding ninja through community-based programming clubs


Ages 7-17, worldwide

Scholarships, job opportunities and mentoring for girls and women

Prep for the tech industry

All Star Code

Map out your computing career path

Anita Borg Institute

Discover internships in computer science around the nation

Get an internship at Google

Google Careers

You can also get a computer scholarship through Google

Google for Education

Explore the hundreds of internship opportunities at NASA

NASA Internships

Find encouragement to pursue careers in STEM

Microsoft Careers

Read the interview tips from Microsoft – they’ll help outside of CS too!

Microsoft Careers

Work for the social company


Discover opportunities for students and recent grads


Get a high tech career with a human touch


Get an internship with Apple

Jobs at Apple


Get others involved in coding – start a hack club

Hack Club

All students

Get a laptop, find a location, and start a coding club at your school

Google CS First

Ages 9–14, online resources

Use your coding skills for good in a hackathon

Big list of Hackathons

All Australia

Help others to learn to code

Khan Academy

All ages, nationwide

Create and edit female-focused Wikipedia pages

Girls-Only Edit-a-Thon

Girls, all ages

Sign and support diversity in computing

All ages, nationwide

Make a difference to your local community


College students

Get a bunch of resources for the classroom including posters, brochures, videos, webinars, news stories and more

Careers with STEM resources

Watch inspiring speakers and videos and get posters for your classroom

And watch ‘what most schools don’t teach’ video

Watch Yara Shahidi, who teamed up with with to create a fun, SMS text message game to get girls interested in STEM

Science Sleuth

Read about Katherine Johnson who calculated the trajectory for Project Mercury and the 1969 Apollo 11 flight to the Moon


Also, check out the girls who invented the Tampon Run video game

Girls Who Code

Did you know 40s movie star Hedy Lamarr invented radio guidance tech for the military in WWII?

Famous Women Inventors

Find a FabFem role model in STEM


Meet some Tech Girl Superheroes

Tech Girls are Superheroes

Get some inspiration from these Dot Divas and their projects

Dot Diva

How Big Dream are helping girls around the world find a career in STEM

Big Dream Movement

Computer viruses, evil computer geniuses, and the Secret Service

Hackers (1995)

The difference between playing a game and reality

WarGames (1983)

The story behind the creation of Facebook

The Social Network (2010)

From college dropout to Apple entrepreneur

Jobs (2013)

The ultimate operating system

Her (2013)