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computational thinking

Computational thinking

Learning to code will equip you for a future where digital technologies will drive nearly every aspect of daily life.

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Software developer

Team up at Atlassian

Atlassian creates software that makes teamwork fun and easy, using the perfect mix of people and ideas.


9 ways that code connects

Tech tools may be the newest kids on the block but they're streets ahead in the communication game.

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On your marks…

Athletes and sports teams know it’s good to have computer science in their corner.

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Playing it smart

From mechanical limbs to robot helpers, new technologies are transforming healthcare.


Think big!

Technology is changing so rapidly that it is creating whole new career areas. With computer science skills and your amazingness, you can stay ahead of the game.


Choose your ‘X’ factor

Combine computer science skills with your passion and invent your dream job.


Pep talk

UQ helped these students turn their unique healthcare idea into a booming business.