STEM Education

Drone building

Make it and break it

Dylan Sanusi-Goh didn’t let the fact he was still in high school stop him from building his very own working drone.

STEM Education
teacher case study

Teacher case study: Mathspace Essentials

Find out what makes online learning tool Mathspace Essentials so useful for teaching maths.

STEM Education
Girls Invent program

Where are all the women?

Inspired by his teenage daughter, Mark Glazebrook founded Girls Invent to help young women translate their inventions into marketable products.

STEM Education
How STEM education can change society

Closing the gap in STEM education

STEM education can change society for at-risk and indigenous students.

STEM Education
STEM Education

STEM education is getting seriously creative

More than 500 science teachers gathered this week to talk all about arts. Here’s why.

STEM Education

Why I started robokids

After teaching for over 25 years in New South Wales and Queensland schools, Michele Miller stepped outside the traditional school system and started running Robokids. Here's why.

STEM Education
transforming the curriculum

Transforming the curriculum

How can we help teachers and education leaders with the tremendous responsibility of delivering the world’s next generation of digital innovators?

STEM Education
STEM report

STEM in our schools

A comprehensive report that includes a number of STEM education recommendations for tertiary, VET and secondary schools was released this week.

STEM Education
STEM learning

Learning with robots

How do students learn computational thinking? These friendly robots are providing the key in research into student learning.

maths app

Class solution

Homework woes? This Aussie maths app could have the answer.

STEM Education
Eddie Woo

Story of a legendary teacher

Wootube star Eddie Woo understands just how hard maths is – and considers it one of his greatest assets as a teacher.

STEM Education

Hands-on science in schools

Passionate teacher Suzy Urbaniak won the 2016 Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching after pioneering hands-on science.