space science

Teenagers take over

School students are taking over the International Space Station to do a new kind of space science.

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From ocean to operating table

Three minutes with innovators from IMPACT7.

splendour in the grass

Science in the grass

Mixing science and music, this Science Tent brings zombies, sharks, and edible ants to the Splendour in the Grass festival.

marine PhD

Another reason dolphins are smarter than us

Marine PhD student finds dolphins will track ships for years.

amazing scientist

10 signs you'd be an amazing scientist

Does this sound like you, or one of your friends?

science careers

Be brilliant

Add a solid science background to just about any area to get the recipe for an unbelievable career as an innovator and leader.

Climatology research at UNSW

Earth watchers

UNSW Australia’s Climate Change Research Centre offers just the right atmosphere for climatology - the science of understanding our planet’s climate.

Feed the world
Veterinary science

Free-range career

Study veterinary and wildlife science at Federation University, become an animal health expert and change the world!

Creative careers
Creative careers

Creative careers

It takes a holistic approach that combines science with creativity, politics and innovative communications to face 21st century challenges.

Technology careers


Combining technology and science allows us to think big and solve challenges in computing, medicine and the environment.


On the shoulders of giants

Research at the University of Sydney sees biologists and chemists working side by side on treating disease.

physics of LED lights

Streets ahead

Optical physics researchers at Queensland University of Technology are changing the way we see the world around us.