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space science

Teenagers take over

School students are taking over the International Space Station to do a new kind of space science.

sexist coding

Sexist coding and how to fight it

Say goodbye to sexist bosses and hello to the newest threat to gender equality – sexist coding. Year 10 student Stella Wailes has the scoop.

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From ocean to operating table

Three minutes with innovators from IMPACT7.

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First job

Get flexible

What's the secret behind making the most of your first job?

splendour in the grass

Science in the grass

Mixing science and music, this Science Tent brings zombies, sharks, and edible ants to the Splendour in the Grass festival.


Vogue Codes

Are you the perfect mix of fashion and coding? At Vogue codes computer science and fashion are coming together and the result is stunning.

coding terms

8 key code words and what they mean

When we went to Coder Academy, they gave us a run-down of some basic coding terms. Here's what they said.

marine PhD

Another reason dolphins are smarter than us

Marine PhD student finds dolphins will track ships for years.

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build a drone

Law student creates superdrone

This guy loves drones. And he just managed to build a drone that could be used for everything from catching cows to spotting sharks.

Girls invent

Girls Invent

If you don't think you have any good ideas, listen to Emmy.

change the way maths is taught

How would you change the way maths is taught?

Here's what students are saying. Vote if you agree!

amazing scientist

10 signs you'd be an amazing scientist

Does this sound like you, or one of your friends?