Biomedical Engineering

Surgeons armed with tech

From robotic surgery to artificial kidneys, biomedical engineers are transforming health

Master of Engineering (Biomedical)

Healthy dose of competition

Challenged to conceive an innovative medical device, Sarah Fink and her team are on the cusp of making their dream a cashed-up reality.

Careers helping people

Healthy humans

Making the world a better place for the people living in it (aka us!), takes a lot of number crunching.

Health start-ups

Healthy and smart

Combine business knowhow with health expertise and make a real difference.

Discover careers
careers in health technology

Making hospitals smarter

Young people bring a unique perspective to digital technologies.

Health informatics

Pushing boundaries

A career in health informatics takes data analysis a step further, combining science with information technology to save lives.


Doctor, doctor

The health sector is crying out for the University of Sydney's maths and data graduates to help them provide better health and medical solutions.

UQ maths

The (healthy) way forward

It all adds up to a pretty cool future for UQ's maths and statistics graduates.

Careers in Health

Careers in health

Interested in careers in health? Here are a few reasons why you could be on the path to an amazing future.

A changing world
Applied psychology

Mind matters

Study at The Australian College of Applied Psychology today to prepare for the psychology of the future.

occupational health and safety advisor

Safer lives

Careers as an occupational health and safety advisor are in high demand.

A changing world
Biomedical animation

Sunshine Vitamin

Watch a biomedical animation that shows you the amazing things that go on inside your body when you step into the sunlight.