From PhD to project coordinator

For nuclear scientist Floriana Salvemini, a PhD was a great way to build valuable skills while studying something fascinating.

Dream job

Land your dream job

Dream jobs are competitive, so how can you lift your chances of getting the one you want?

How to find your passion

How to find your passion

Passionate people are by far the most employable. Figure out what makes you tick with five simple exercises.

day in the life

Day in the life

If you’re considering a career in STEM, but want to find out more about the highlights and challenges of daily work, read on.

agile skills

Staying agile

Jump-start a stellar career and build the perfect skillset by forging your industry links early.

cross-disciplinary skills

Cross-disciplinary edge

When a degree in science or engineering is paired with skills in business and leadership, it can lift you to the penthouse suite of professions.

women in STEM

Stressed for success

Gender disparity in STEM careers and postgrad enrolments reveals a system needing an overhaul.