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how to be successful

Five habits of superheroes

How to be successful. What does it mean? How do we get it? If you’re feeling a little lost, get yourself unstuck by incorporating the habits of superheroes into your life.

STEM student mentoring

Mentors for STEM careers

Choosing what to study and what career to enter is a massive decision for high schoolers currently focussed on their exams and social lives. 



Anwesha Chatterjee didn’t want girls in Brisbane to miss out on awesome tech opportunities. So here’s what she did.

Maori students

Future world

Āmua Ao, the inspirational program taking Māori students to Silicon Valley.

sexist coding

Sexist coding and how to fight it

Say goodbye to sexist bosses and hello to the newest threat to gender equality – sexist coding. Year 10 student Stella Wailes has the scoop.

app idea

Share with Oscar

Lisa came up with an amazing app idea when she was having one of her worst moments.