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coder academy

5 things we didn't expect to learn at Coder Academy

When you're learning from a former hacker, you get some surprising tips and tricks.

coding terms

8 key code words and what they mean

When we went to Coder Academy, they gave us a run-down of some basic coding terms. Here's what they said.


The emotional rollercoaster of learning to code

I's basically just a bit of text, right?!

app idea

Share with Oscar

Lisa came up with an amazing app idea when she was having one of her worst moments.

real life maths

5 ways maths is used in real life

From investigating crime to predicting extreme weather events, people across the world rely on maths to solve real problems.

Should I drop maths?

You do the maths

Should I drop maths in year 10? Ask yourself these questions first.

Google internships


Internships help students engineer successful computer science careers.

Feed the world
Veterinary science

Free-range career

Study veterinary and wildlife science at Federation University, become an animal health expert and change the world!

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Future careers with digital technologies

Combining computer science with your interests will give you the skills you need to be part of the most exciting future careers.

vocational training

Code your path

Fast track your studies with vocational training offered online and at TAFE, colleges and universities – and get a competitive edge.

Creative careers
Creative careers

Creative careers

It takes a holistic approach that combines science with creativity, politics and innovative communications to face 21st century challenges.

STEM Education
STEM learning

Learning with robots

How do students learn computational thinking? These friendly robots are providing the key in research into student learning.