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Careers helping people

Healthy humans

Making the world a better place for the people living in it (aka us!), takes a lot of number crunching.

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Conservation careers

High impact

It'll blow your mind how many ways maths can make a difference internationally. Check out these data scientists and conservationists who came from UTS.

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Future learning

The future of school

Big changes to how we learn and work are closer than you think.

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virtual psychology

IT Doctor

Artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and data management are transforming healthcare. Meet virtual psychologist Amy!

maths app

Class solution

Homework woes? This Aussie maths app could have the answer.

cyber safety

Staying cyber safe

Puzzle-solving skills and some creative thinking can help strengthen the cyber safety of billions of people around the world.

Tampon run

Coding for feminism

These two young feminists created an awesome app to solve a social issue they were passionate about. And so can you, says year 10 student Stella Wailes.

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ideas for apps

Amazing app ideas from tech girls

Take a sneak peek at these amazing ideas for apps the next generation of women in tech would build.

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Reading Republic

Tech Girls Movement

Ever wonder what it would be like to build an app? Here's a friendly competition anyone can get involved in!

Go Girl

Go Girl Go For IT

A fun, free, interactive event for girls to explore IT? Sign me up!

A changing world
Biomedical animation

Sunshine Vitamin

Watch a biomedical animation that shows you the amazing things that go on inside your body when you step into the sunlight.

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Hidden Figures

NASA women in STEM

Take a look at the amazing women in Hidden Figures, a heartwarming hollywood movie based on the true story of African-American women working at NASA during the space race.