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Lisa came up with an amazing app idea when she was having one of her worst moments.

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creative skills

Artistic Code

Imagination + computers = creative skills and no limits when it comes to a world of inspiration and passion.

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Future careers with digital technologies

Combining computer science with your interests will give you the skills you need to be part of the most exciting future careers.

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Future learning

The future of school

Big changes to how we learn and work are closer than you think.

vocational training

Code your path

Fast track your studies with vocational training offered online and at TAFE, colleges and universities – and get a competitive edge.

STEM Education
STEM learning

Learning with robots

How do students learn computational thinking? These friendly robots are providing the key in research into student learning.

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Teen RoboCats

Fly to the USA and back with this year 8 RoboCat and see what it's like to take part in the world championships of student robotics.

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virtual psychology

IT Doctor

Artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and data management are transforming healthcare. Meet virtual psychologist Amy!

cyber safety

Staying cyber safe

Puzzle-solving skills and some creative thinking can help strengthen the cyber safety of billions of people around the world.

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diverse teams

Joining forces

From astronomers using online programs to study space, to musicians creating tunes on apps, diverse teams of professionals are using technology to invent the tools of the future.

Tampon run

Coding for feminism

These two young feminists created an awesome app to solve a social issue they were passionate about. And so can you, says year 10 student Stella Wailes.

robotics competition

Diving into robotics

Meet the teams at FIRST robotics, and see what (or who) inspired them to get involved.