STEM student mentoring

Mentors for STEM careers

Choosing what to study and what career to enter is a massive decision for high schoolers currently focussed on their exams and social lives. 

diversity in ICT enrolments

Education report

Diversity in ICT enrolments is lowest across all fields of study, yet employment prospects are highest – so what’s stopping girls from coding?

Information management traineeship

Learn new skills

Tech innovation is driving change in how we process, record and use information. Get an information management traineeship in this exciting new field.

Cyber systems

Love puzzles? You could pit your brain against cyber hack attacks in this fast-growing career area.



Anwesha Chatterjee didn’t want girls in Brisbane to miss out on awesome tech opportunities. So here’s what she did.

sexist coding

Sexist coding and how to fight it

Say goodbye to sexist bosses and hello to the newest threat to gender equality – sexist coding. Year 10 student Stella Wailes has the scoop.

First job

Get flexible

What’s the secret behind making the most of your first job?

Vogue Codes

Are you the perfect mix of fashion and coding? At Vogue codes computer science and fashion are coming together and the result is stunning.