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Coding opens doors - list of jobs

Coding opens doors

Coding opens doors… and farm gates, and recording booths, and digital pathways! See how diverse coding can be with our unexpected list of jobs in code.

Health start-ups

Healthy and smart

Combine business knowhow with health expertise and make a real difference.

Maths leadership

Play your numbers right

Pump up your maths tool kit and be a leader all the way. Find hot jobs, study options, intern opportunities and the best people to follow.

Careers in Health

Careers in health

Interested in careers in health? Here are a few reasons why you could be on the path to an amazing future.

sustainability technology

Future proof

From food security to climate change, computer science can solve many of the world’s sustainability challenges.

wearable technology

Smart market

The increase in small tech means it’s time for big business opportunities – that’s exactly what the University of Canterbury is working on.

9 ways that code connects

Tech tools may be the newest kids on the block but they’re streets ahead in the communication game.